Monday, October 12, 2015

Travel Adventure 2015

Who says homeschoolers stay at home? Monday morning we started our long awaited fall vacation. We left Pennsylvania around 9am and arrived in Gatlinburg, Tennessee around 7pm. It was a mostly uneventful drive with only one nasty bit of traffic in southern Virginia. I have never been to Tennessee before but I have always thought it would be awesome to see the Smoky Mountains. So when the boys and I talked about places we would like to visit, I convinced them that we should travel to Tennessee this year. The trip gradually evolved into a twelve day trip, later cut to ten days. We spent the first 4 days in Gatlinburg at a Stony Brook Chalet. Tonight I only have time to throw a few pictures up here because we leave in the morning to continue to Kentucky. I hope to really go into detail about the first half of our trip in my next post.

This is the living room of the rental home where we stayed. The whole house was absolutely gorgeous and had everything we needed. I loved this room. The bright sunlight made it the perfect place to hang out. The boys spent more of their time in the family room downstairs playing air hockey and pool.

But with a view like this from the deck, I really just spent most of my time looking at the mountains.

I could sit at the kitchen table and have coffee while watching the cloud shadows on the mountains.

Or sit in the hot tub and look at the mountains.

The last night we were there, we had a fire when it got a little cooler.

Which of course meant S'mores!

I had a very hard time leaving this house. I think we may have found the best place for us to retire when we are ready. In fact, it could even turn me into a morning person if I could see a sunrise like this living there.


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