Friday, June 24, 2016


game in the works
The boys have been keeping themselves busy for the last month. JT is working on making a new board game, EM has been chatting with friends on the phone and online, both have been continuing their music lessons.

I was able to sell quite a bit of my old curriculum on the homeschool email list I belong to and at our yard sale. Once I had some cash from those sales, I turned around and bought the things I need for the coming school year.

EM books
EM will be an 8th grader for 2016-2017. We decided to use a textbook for his science studies this year. We chose earth science because he was pretty young the last time we covered geology topics and he doesn't remember much of what he learned. I also bought a grammar and composition textbook because this year I plan to increase the time he spends writing in order to prepare him for the requirements of the PHAA diploma program in 9th grade. I also bought the next level of Lightning Literature for 8th grade. For math, he will be studying algebra 1 this year with my husband. We aren't sure what text we will be using yet. I'm still researching some options. I'm also considering returning to regular practice of cursive for EM. JT doesn't like to write in cursive, but can when necessary. EM did not work on it as much and probably couldn't write a full sentence if I asked. He will also continue his piano lessons for music, pottery and drawing classes for art, and possibly archery lessons for physical education.

JT books
I had very little to purchase for JT this year. Of course, the money I save on curriculum will be spent on community college credits. But hey, I don't have to teach it! He will be taking chemistry and English comp in the fall from the college. At home we will be completing a half credit course in geography. He will also be studying math with his dad again this year. We were considering algebra 2, but after seeing how he's been doing on practice tests for the SAT and the college placement tests, we are going to spend the year getting him up to speed with things he has forgotten. We are calling the course, SAT Prep Math, and it will include a review of major math concepts, a review of algebra 1, and probably an introduction to algebra 2 at the end of the year. I see no reason to push him ahead when he's still struggling with older concepts.

We will also continue his music studies. He will continue working on music composition and theory, taking piano lessons, and drum lessons. In addition, he will be watching The Great Courses' Understanding the Fundamentals of Music course and taking a music history course at the college in the spring semester. I'm not sure if this will end up being 2 credits or maybe even 2 1/2 credits of music this year. In the spring he will also be taking a WWII course and, if I can talk him into it, a speech course. If everything goes as planned, I will only be teaching him geography this year and his dad will be teaching the math. Everything else will be outsourced now. Hard to believe we are so near the end with him. For 2017-2018, his senior year, he will probably be taking all college classes and nothing at home.

I'm sure the next year is going to bring many new challenges to us. New experiences with college and activities. And the scariest new experience of all... training him to drive!