Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why The Summaries Are Not Being Posted


I have once again not met a goal I set for myself.
But it's okay because I managed to get other things accomplished that I hadn't planned to do, and then added to my to-do list once they were completed so I could feel smug about my organization and diligent work ethic. Everyone does that, right?

Last week in my blog post, I mentioned that I planned to write summaries from our school year and have them posted this week. I also planned to clean out the classroom.

None of those things happened this week.

Instead I spent THREE DAYS cleaning my bedroom. I went through every drawer. I pulled ALL the clothes out of the closet and cruelly dispatched many adorable outfits that would fit someone about 1/3 of my current size. The donation pile covered the entire couch at one point. Then I went through boxes of old greeting cards and other memorabilia I had collected and threw away a small pile of things I felt were not necessary to my happiness. On the final day, I moved every piece of furniture to clean it, washed curtains and bedding and cleaned that room to death.

After the room project had ended, I decided it was about time I got around to starting the vegetable garden. I could have started it before our trip, but didn't want to add watering responsibilities to the list for my daughter while I was gone. Now it's a bit later than I wanted to get going, but still well within acceptable for our region.

Today we went and bought new sand for our sandbox. The boys spend HOURS playing in sand. We have had the same sand for about seven years. It had started to look kind of green and there wasn't much left. So earlier in the week, EM and JT helped me remove the old sand and spread it under our deck. After a trip to Lowe's we came home with 400 lbs of fresh play sand. By the time I had it in the box, they needed to come in for bed, so tomorrow will be a day of building. I expect something along the lines of the project pictured here from 2008.

I'll make no promises as to whether or not I will be posting the summaries next week. I have another subject in mind for a post, so either way I'll have something ready. It'll just have to be a surprise...

...for all of us.

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