Friday, September 1, 2017

The New Routine

Our 2017-2018 school year is now in full swing. We usually start our year in July, slowly working our way up to full time schooling. With the start of JT's college classes on Monday, we are now working with a packed schedule.

My week looks like this:

      JT's Wellness & Nutrition class 9:45-11:10 (35 min drive each way)
      Piano lesson 11:30-12:30
      Home again for a few hours of work with EM
      Fencing for JT 7pm-8:30pm (30 min drive each way)

     Every other week, 10:30-12pm JT's private music theory class (45 min drive)
     JT's Art Appreciation class 1:15-2:30 (35 min drive home)
     Work at home with EM

     JT's Wellness & Nutrition 9:45-11:10
     JT to library for volunteering, 1-4pm
     Bible class at church 7pm

     JT's Art Appreciation class 1:15-2:30
     Home for work with EM
     JT's Survey of Mathematics 6pm-8:45pm

    EM's homeschool gym class 10:00-11:30 (35 min drive each way)
    Lots of work at home together, American History for both with me

Again this year, I spend a great deal of time driving. The plan had been for JT to have his license by now, but we haven't done enough driving instruction to get him to the point that he can take his test for the license. In PA, you need to wait 6 months after receiving the permit to even apply to take the test. He also needs to log 60 hours of driving practice. Hopefully by the spring semester he will have that license. Then I will have more time to work at home with EM. Luckily he's the kind of kid who will work independently when I'm not there. It's also fortunate that his dad works from home so someone is there with him when he has questions.

In order to save me some driving time, we are allowing JT to hang out at the school between his classes on Thursday. That is freeing me up to come home and work with EM. On Thursday, JT finished his first class at 2:30, then walked 6 blocks to Wendy's to eat his early dinner. He spent about 30 minutes there, then walked back to the school and read until his evening class started. This might not seem like a big deal, but it's a new experience for him. We live in a rural area, so JT hasn't had much opportunity to walk in a city and find his way around. Earlier in the week, we walked to the Wendy's together so he knew where to go. One of the intersections is especially busy, so I was a bit worried about him. Yes, I know he's 16, but it's something new for all of us, so don't judge. Everything went smoothly for him and I was happy to not need to make a second drive to the school that day. We will continue with the same plan as long as the weather permits. Hopefully we'll have mild weather through the end of the semester in December. If not, I'll go back to my excessive driving routine. Or maybe, if things work out, he'll be a licensed driver by then. I'll just have something new to worry about then...

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Annie said...

I'm finally sitting long enough to read this post, after a rather hectic period here. First off, I'm sending coffee supplies by mid-semester for you. :) That's a busy schedule for you, but I'm sure you'll make it work. And yeah, I get the concern about even the little changes. No judging here! We finally start here in another week (!?!), but I only have four, solid-packed days with three day weekends (less robotics tournaments and community service).