Thursday, May 1, 2014

Carefree Kids

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We've been enjoying a very laid-back final school week in order to cope with a hectic life schedule. Luckily I knew it was coming, so I didn't over plan and everyone could work with less stress. JT finished his math course with Thinkwell and pulled off a 95% on the final exam. I was a bit worried that he would have a hard time because we've never really done a final exam for any other subject. He took a practice final at the end of last week, then he reviewed the lessons that went with the four questions he missed on Monday and Tuesday. After a little more review of the most common formulas for area and volume he would need, he took the final today. I was very happy that he was able to identify the areas he needed to work on, and then implement a plan that allowed him to do well on the final. It's good to see those study skills developing.

I plan to complete my work on the portfolios over the weekend. Then on Monday I will sit down with each of the boys, discuss their work for the year, and get their input on the plan for their next year of schooling. Monday night we will be seeing a performance by a local theater group about Ben Franklin. Bloomsburg Theater Ensemble puts on a Theater in the Classroom show every year at one of the local libraries. They are always excellent both in presentation and content. After that show, our school year is a wrap!

I'd also like to share one more thing tonight. This week Matt Walsh had a great post on his blog titled, Here are 13 things for kids to worry about instead of college and test preparation.  Every time I read a story about kids that are struggling in a bad school situation, it feels so good to look at my boys and see how carefree they are. They are creative, happy, and seem to really enjoy learning. Maybe that would be the case even if they were still in public school, but knowing how things were going when we pulled JT out, I'm guessing not. I hope improvements can be made to the system so that all schools can be places full of learning, happy kids. Until then, homeschooling remains the best option for our family, and many others like us. I'm thankful to live in a country that allows me that freedom of choice.

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