Friday, August 2, 2013

Time to Get Back to Work

Mommy's ticket for a day off
Today I enjoyed one last wild day of summer freedom. I spent the day in Mt.Gretna with one of my oldest friends. We first met in our Girl Scout troop when I was in 4th grade. Now we live two hours apart so our time together is most often virtual. Today we met in real-life to see The Wizard of Oz at the Gretna Theatre. It was good to get away from the hideous pile of work I need to do before we start schooling in a little less than two weeks.

Two weeks?! I'll never make it.

Hey kids, there's lots of room!
 First of all, the classroom has about 5 square feet of open floor space right now. This may not be the best learning environment. Fortunately the calendar is almost completely clear for the next week. Under pressure, I should be able to get things in order. The reason everything is such a mess is because I decided it was finally time to upgrade our classroom. One online shopping spree later and I now have new furniture, most of which still needs assembling. My goal is to have things in order so I can share the pictures next week.

future curriculum hides here
In addition to the physical upheaval of the classroom, there's also the less tangible planning mess. In my office, I have all the ingredients necessary to educate the boys this year. Right now, it's a storage location until the classroom has been arranged. Once I can get in there and sort, I'm hoping things will come together quickly. I know what we are doing for science, American history, world history, art, and math. The rest of the subjects are still a bit up in the air. So, I have some serious work to do.

Every summer around this time I really start worrying that nothing is going to come together, even though in the three years I have homeschooled without the cyber-charter, that has never happened. I might not start the school year with a perfect plan, but things seem to start falling into place as we go. I'm trying to allow myself to get out of the way with my need for perfect order so the plan can develop in a more natural way. No matter how much time I spend preparing, I know learning will happen, and that's the only goal I need.

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Annie said...

I'll second your thoughts. It will probably come together when needed, and the boys will be learning anyway. Now, if I only had the much confidence about my own. :)