Friday, June 14, 2013

The State of Things

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The same thing happens to me every summer. We end our school year nice and early in May. I tell myself I need to sit down immediately and organize the things we did into some kind of summary before I forget what we covered. Then the freedom I feel when I no longer need to spend my weekends planning for the next school week takes over my entire life and nothing gets done.

I did manage to return all of our borrowed text books to their appropriate schools. I did drop off our portfolios for this year and affidavits for next year. I did clean up all of the finished work and art projects out of the classroom. So things could be worse. I am committing myself to a minimum of one hour a day working on cleaning out the old books and organizing things for next year. One hour...that shouldn't be too hard, right?

In addition to the boys having various learning opportunities outside of our home this summer, my husband and I are also spending a day in July becoming more educated. At our end of year meeting, our homeschool evaluator recommended that I look into the Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency. PHAA is just one of the diploma granting organizations in Pennsylvania. We will be attending their High School at Home conference to get a clearer idea of how the program works. Our evaluator is already associated with this organization so she would be able to help us meet the requirements for the boys to get a state recognized diploma. I have done some research and found that many colleges do not require homeschoolers to have diplomas. But I still feel it might be a good idea to explore the possibility.

I will be taking a few weeks off from my usual Friday posts. After the conference, I'll share what I have learned and also fess up whether I have kept the promise to spend an hour of each day working on my homeschooling projects.

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