Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gotta Get Away

Camping Essentials
For the last four years, we have made it a tradition to take a camping trip to one of the beautiful Pennsylvania state parks at the end of September.  We stay in the fully furnished, modern cabins because we aren't very good at roughing it.  Nature + modern conveniences = Mom doesn't totally freak out during the vacation.

This year we are heading to Pymatuning State Park on the border of Ohio and Pennsylvania.  If it turns out to be half as gorgeous as the pictures make it seem, I will be thrilled.  Learning from past trips, I know that I should not plan any organized learning for the boys.  We will put them in places where learning can happen naturally.  They will be spending time hiking the trails and birdwatching near the lake.  We also have a day trip planned to Cleveland to visit the Great Lakes Science Center and meet up with friends who live nearby.  Another great benefit will be that we get to spend a day catching up with our homeschooling friends who live near Pittsburgh.

We all look forward to our little getaways.  We have put in six great weeks of schooling so far for this year.  In the past, when we were packing for this trip, I was already feeling the need for a break from the schooling.  This year, it doesn't feel that way.  I'm happy to be going...but I don't feel the same need to escape.  Things are becoming more seamless in our homeschooling life.

And I like it that way.

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