Thursday, February 23, 2012

Health Unit

Before we get into our health unit, I thought I'd share a pic of the adorable origami bunny finger puppets we made for art today. We found this great series of origami videos on happypuppytruffles's YouTube channel. Bunny Finger Puppets is the first in the series. I can see many happy hours ahead using these instructional videos. Even spatially-challenged Mommy was able to follow the simple instructions.

Health is another subject we are covering in a five week unit this year. I decided to focus our time looking at a few of the human body systems. I chose a few books to use as the backbone (pun intended!) of our study. We are covering the first six chapters of the old book (circa 1970) Blood and Guts by Linda Allison. This will take us through a voyage including our skin, bones and joints, teeth, muscles, heart and lungs. Some of the other books we will pull in to supplement are The Way We Work by David Macaulay (the art work in this book is unbelievable!), Anatomy Academy by Katie Collins, and the Usborne lift the flap book, See Inside Your Body.

I plan to continue where we left off in the Blood and Guts book when we return to health again next year . There are quite a few fun hands-on experiments in this book. Next week, when we learn about teeth, we will be soaking an old baby tooth in soda to show its corrosive effects on the enamel of our teeth. We also currently have a chicken leg bone soaking in a jar of vinegar waiting for it to be decalcified. There's always something interesting sitting around in our kitchen. If you ever come to visit, just remember, it's always a good idea to ASK before eating anything you find in the refrigerator.

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